Parenting Coordination

What is Parenting Coordination?

A Parenting Coordinator (PC) assists separated parents to communicate effectively, manage conflict and solve disputes related to parenting issues following a Final Court Order or Parenting Plan.

Parenting Coordinators have specialised training in family law, child development, and conflict resolution. The goal of a parenting coordinator is to promote cooperation between parents and improve outcomes for the children involved.

Benefits of Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordinators encourage effective communication between parents, which is necessary for successful co-parenting. They can assist parents to make better decisions and establish consistent rules and expectations for their child/ren. By fostering cooperation and reducing hostility, the Parenting Coordination process can reduce the stress created by co-parenting responsibilities and conflict, thus enabling parents to focus on the best interests of their child/ren.

Can I engage a Parenting Coordinator without a Parenting Plan or Court Order?

Parenting Coordination can only be conducted once there is a Court Order, Parenting Plan or Agreement as the purpose is to work together to cooperatively implement the terms of the Order, Parenting Plan or Agreement in the best interests of the child/ren.

We work with parents who have a Parenting Plan, Interim Order or Final Order.

Does Parenting Coordination need to be Court Ordered?

While Parenting Coordination may be Court Ordered, parents can also voluntarily choose to engage a Parenting Coordinator as a way to improve their co-parenting relationship and resolve disputes outside the Court system. Before you can engage a Parenting Coordinator, the other parent will also need to agree to their appointment.

Our Parenting Coordinators

At Stewart Family Law, we understand that a Court Order or Parenting Plan doesn’t always end the conflict and stress that parents are experiencing. Nor does a Court Order or Parenting Plan provide for all circumstances that arise when parenting children with an ex-partner.

With the assistance of Parenting Coordinators (PC) Judy Stewart and Temika Slee, parents can resolve disputes about the implementation of their Parenting Orders or Parenting Plans and avoid further costly and stressful litigation.

Judy Stewart is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and Parenting Coordinator. After an earlier career in social work, Judy has practised exclusively in Family Law since 2003. An experienced mediator and a collaborative law practitioner, Judy is known for taking a conciliatory approach to resolving disputes and actively encourages effective co-parenting.

Temika Slee has practised exclusively in family law since 2012 and is both an Accredited Family Law Specialist and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Temika chose to specialise in Family Law because it provides a real opportunity to genuinely help families during an emotional and difficult time. Temika sees Parenting Coordination as another valuable tool to assist families to resolve matters and avoid conflict.

At Stewart Family Law, we have dedicated break out rooms available for no extra charge. We also offer telephone and video-conferencing appointments. Our fees are very competitive, and the cost of Parenting Coordination is usually met equally by the parties.

Our Process

Once the parents have signed our Parenting Coordination Agreement, we will meet with each parent individually to gather information about family dynamics, the issues in dispute and the children’s needs. The parents should allow approximately one hour for the intake session.

The intake sessions are then followed by joint sessions, conducted on a monthly basis. The parents may attend joint sessions together or separately if there are safety concerns. During the joint sessions, our Parenting Coordinators can provide guidance to the parents on effective co-parenting strategies, communication techniques, conflict resolution skills and child development issues. In addition to the joint sessions, the parents may contact us at any time with concerns or issues that we can raise with the other parent.

The parents will continue to attend joint sessions until these sessions can be moved to an ‘as required’ basis. The parents can then choose to disengage and manage co-parenting independently without the assistance of a Parenting Coordinator.

The format and duration of the Parenting Coordination process will depend on the Court Order or the agreement between the parents.

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Judy Stewart

Judy Stewart

Accredited Family Law Specialist