How You Can Prepare For Mediation

Forms to complete and return prior to mediation

Once the parties have agreed to attend mediation with our office, we will ask you to execute and return these documents prior to the commencement of the mediation:

  1. Mediation Agreement;
  2. Parenting/Property Intake form; and
  3. Mediation Support Person Acknowledgement

If there is any material you wish to provide prior to the mediation, you can forward this to our office.

Our Intake Process

Judy does not conduct intake interviews prior to the day of mediation. The intake forms that are sent to parties upon confirming mediation provide Judy with the necessary information about the matter without the need for the parties to undergo an intake session prior to mediation.

Judy will also have a discussion with each party separately at the start of the mediation as part of the intake process prior to the mediation proceeding.

Where does mediation take place?

Judy can conduct mediation in person, via Teams meeting or by telephone. You can choose whichever option is most convenient for you. If you choose in person mediation, this can take place at our office at no additional charge or at a suitable venue selected by you. If you choose to attend via Microsoft Teams, we will send you a link prior to mediation commencing.

Do I have to see the other party?

You do not have to see or speak with the other party during the mediation. Mediation can take place by way of shuttle process, with both parties being in separate rooms/Microsoft Teams meetings and Judy going between the parties. At times, it might be necessary for the lawyers to come together to discuss matters, however the parties are not required to be in the same room if they do not wish to do so.

Can I bring a support person?

You can bring a support person to mediation; however (due to confidentiality issues) their presence would need to be approved by the other party. Likewise, if the other party brought a support person to mediation, you would also have to consent to that person bring present. We address the issue of support people on the day of mediation. If there is an issue, the mediation can be run as a shuttle and support people can be with you when the mediator is not in the room.

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