Child Inclusive Mediation

Judy Stewart can conduct Child Inclusive Mediations in matters where it is requested and agreed to by all parties.

What is Child Inclusive Mediation?

Child Inclusive Mediation is a type of Family Dispute Resolution that enables parents to consider their child/ren’s views and experiences, without the child/ren needing to attend the mediation.

There are several benefits to Child Inclusive Mediation, including that it allows children in family conflict situations to express themselves, assists the attendees in defining and articulating the best interests of the children, and helps reinforce the child-focused nature of the mediation.

What is the process for organising Child Inclusive Mediation with Stewart Family Law?

To start the process for a Child Inclusive Mediation, the child/ren would need to meet with an experienced independent Child Consultant. Our office does not organise this meeting, however we can provide you with recommendations on Child Consultants who conduct this service.

Once that meeting has occurred, Judy Stewart can then conduct the mediation. The Child Consultant will attend the mediation and feedback information to the mediator and the parents on the child/ren’s interests and views.

What are the costs of Child Inclusive Mediation with Judy Stewart?

The costs of the Child Inclusive Mediation would include the Child Consultant’s costs (paid directly to that professional by the parties), and our mediation fees. Our mediation fees are very competitive and are usually met equally by the parties.

How do I find out more information?

Contact Stewart Family Law if you have any questions in relation to Child Inclusive Mediation, or to begin the process of organising the mediation with our office.

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