Court Representation

Attending a Brisbane Court and appearing before a Judge can be a somewhat daunting experience, particularly for people who are self-represented. One of the benefits of instructing a solicitor to act on your behalf is that your solicitor will be able to guide you through the Court process from start to finish. This is something we at Stewart Family Law do all the time.

Prior to Court, we will make sure any documents filed on your behalf cover all necessary issues and present your evidence to the Court in the best possible way. We will also make sure you are well prepared for all Court dates and give you plenty of tips to prepare you for Court including advice about what you should wear and how you should present yourself in Court. Depending on what you are comfortable with, we will meet you either at the Court or at our office and walk to the Court together.

Once at the Court we will be able to speak with the other party or their solicitor, depending on whether or not they are legally represented, on your behalf. We will also be able to speak to the Judge on your behalf. Usually, you will only be required to speak on your own behalf if your matter proceeds to a final hearing and you are required as a witness at the final hearing.

Often a number of Court appearances are required before a final hearing. When appearing before the Judge prior to the final hearing we will be able to ensure Orders are made which will best progress your matter. If your matter resolves at Court we will be able to draft Court Orders for you on that same day to resolve your matter as quickly as possible.

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